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Simplifying Life with 2...

Not that I am now somehow miraculously an expert on living life with two beautiful babes, but… I have discovered two amazing things that are sure to make it a lot easier! […]

3-6 Month Favorites

When Mr. Fenn was 3 months he was already sleeping through the night (yay!), starting to roll over, and becoming so much fun!  Sadly, this was also the time my […]

Road Trip

This weekend Mr. Fenner went on his first “Fenner family” vacation!  We took a road trip to the JW Marriott in the hill country of San Antonio.  It has become […]

Where it began...

Fenner was close to 4 months when he first started reaching for our food.  I took this as a sign he was ready for his first “real” food.  My mom […]