Adventures in PJs

This morning was a pick your battle kind of morning… Fenn wanted to eat Starburst for breakfast (not happening). So I used the bait and switch tactic and we settled on Chick fil-a (I feel like I kind of won that battle). We will call that a point for me!

Fenn is on a huge PJ kick these days and never wants to take them off, so instead of fighting that battle, I let him wear his jammies to breakfast. I even embraced it and let P wear hers too. I guess that’s a point for Fenner.

image  image

After breakfast we decided to try and find a park (it actually wasn’t unbearably hot yet). This is where we stumbled upon Travis Spark Park. It was actually pretty breezy and shady (we really lucked out since the kids were in long sleeved PJs). Fenn was most excited about the “lady bugs” and the dinosaur bones.

image image

As we ventured around he really loved every part!

image image image image

He loved shouting into a horn (not sure what this thing is really for), climbing up rock wall, and even just hanging around. This may become a close tie for our favorite park (we are still pretty partial to our Wilson Wonderground).

We will be back soon!




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