P is 6 months!


June 23rd was Miss Phebes’ half birthday! We had a low key celebration with friends, including half of a birthday cake served on half plates!

Half birthdays have become a fun little tradition I started with Fenn, and I am loving them. Since Phoebe’s real birthday falls so close to Christmas, I think she will love having this tradition too.


I honestly cannot believe this lady is already 6 months! Here are a few fun facts about our tiny tot…


  • Weighing in on at only 15lbs 4oz she is much smaller than Mr. Fenn was at this age.
  • She has two tiny teeth that she loves using to chomp on apples and watermelon!
  • She is very close to sitting on her own and crawling!  We will be putting up our “baby jail” very soon to keep her safe.
  • She loves to eat and smacks her lips when she wants more.
  • She is also very close to saying “mama” as her first word.
  • She is all smiles and giggles 90% of the time.
  • Her favorite people are probably Fenner and Duchess (we have been babysitting my parents dog, Rollie, for the past week) and she is probably a close 2nd.
  • She has already traveled by airplane, seen the mountains, snow, and the beach, and so far is an excellent traveling companion.
  • and… her hair is actually starting to lay down for good.

Phoebe Kyle Currin, we love you so much and cannot wait to see what your future holds!




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