We Love Pasta… and Sleep!

It’s almost summer break and we are really feeling it here in the Currin household.  The toll of our daily commute is starting to bring us down, and the energy to cook dinner each night is not where it used to be. Pasta is always a quick and easy go to on lazy dinner nights, and we recently made two really great and pretty healthy ones, so I thought I would share.



This first recipe is for an avocado spinach pasta . We have made this one a few times and it is always a winner. The sauce is easily whipped up in the blender and added to any pasta you like. This time we made zucchini “noodles” (sliced the zucchini with a veggie peeler, boiled it for about 2 minutes and drained it well) and tossed them with some angel hair pasta for added veggies. Fenn and I added tomatoes to ours as well.  It was gobbled up by us all.

The best part about this recipe is that we had so much leftover sauce, I used it for dinner the next night.  I tossed cooked black beans, corn, quinoa, and tomatoes together with the sauce, added a little cumin, and voila! We converted it to a Mexican “ish” dinner!




The second pasta dish we (and by we I mean Brad) made will for sure become a repeater! This kale and almond pesto was simple and amazing!  We tossed it with pasta and each added our own touches to it. Fenn and I both added tomatoes and extra Parmesan (I topped mine with crushed red pepper as well) and Brad topped his with more almonds and Parmesan. This pasta was even better as leftovers!

As for the sleep, both kids are rocking it these days (and actually still sleeping in a room together)! We always joke that Phoebe sleeps better than anyone in the house, and while that is still probably true, Fenn has really stepped up his game. He has been putting himself to bed on his own the last few weeks, which has always been his biggest struggle, and we are so proud of him. As a reward, he visited my school library to borrow The Very Hungry Caterpillar! Fingers crossed the good sleep continues. Bring on summer!




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