Sweet Potatoes


It is hard to believe, but P is four months old! She is such a happy baby, and a champion sleeper. We are very lucky! Even with her spit up issues (and as anyone who has held her can tell you, you will get spit up on), she is perfect! She is a tiny little thing, compared to Fenn at this age, weighing in at only 12lbs 6oz.

Around this time in Fenn’s life he was showing all the signs that he was ready to start solid foods. We had not been seeing those signs with Phoebe, so we were in no rush to get started. Friday night we just happened to be making sweet potatoes for our dinner and we thought, why not just see if P shows interest…

 We peeled and boiled our potatoes, and set a few aside for P.  I puréed them in our new Vitamix using a little of the water we boiled them in. Once they were a smooth and soupy consistency, we let P try them out.

To our surprise she was a natural. She knew exactly what to do and she devoured them! At one point she even took the spoon from me and tried to feed herself. It was a success!

I’m so excited to start this fun time with Phoebe and cannot wait to introduce her to my love of food! Stay tuned to find out about her next culinary adventure.


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