Simplifying Life with 2…

Not that I am now somehow miraculously an expert on living life with two beautiful babes, but… I have discovered two amazing things that are sure to make it a lot easier!

The the first is an awesome baby carrier by nesting days! It came recommended by my friend Jenni, a new mom of two as well.

image image

I was not much of a baby wearer when Fenn was little, and I think this was partly because I did not have a wrap or carrier that I just absolutely loved.  I recently loaned my baby wrap to my sister in law when my niece was born. I saw how great it was for managing life with two kiddos, but I still wasn’t convinced I wanted to try and learn how to tie that thing again.

Enter the Nesting Days carrier! This genius carrier requires no learning to wrap and tie!  You step into it, like you would a skirt, pull up the “sleeves”, slide baby in, and then tie the side. Truly the easiest thing ever! Check out this video!

So far I have used it at the grocery store, around the house (just because I wanted to keep Phoebe close to me), and at a friends wedding shower. I plan to try it out next week while taking Fenn to an art class, Phoebe will be tagging along in the carrier! If you are looking for an infant carrier, it goes up to 18lbs, I highly recommend this one!

My next fabulous discovery is HEB curbside pickup! You order your groceries online, drive up to the store, and they bring your groceries out to your car! Check out the website. You just create an account and start to shop.


I was able to find all of the products we normally purchase pretty easily. You then select a pick up time, which must be at least 24 hours later, and pay for your groceries. They charge a $4.95 fee, but I can see this saving me a ton of money on unneeded junk I would end up purchasing in the store. The coolest part was driving up to the store and seeing the big curbside pick up area, you can’t miss it.  It reminded me of driving up to a Sonic.  You pull into a stall, enter your phone number on the touch screen, and they bring out your groceries!  This perfect for new moms, moms with multiple kids, or anyone who can’t/doesn’t want to get out of the car! Right now the service is only available at the Bunker Hill location, but they are expanding, and I hear Kingwood is on the list!




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