Phoebe Kyle Currin is here!

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These beautiful photos are courtesy of my talented sister in law, Chelsea Kay Marek!

She he has arrived! Phoebe Kyle joined us December 23rd!  She was born 6lbs 10oz of tiny perfection. It is crazy holding and loving on such a tiny lady, Fenn was never this small.

Who knew Monday December 22nd would be Fenner’s last day as an only child… it was a great day with him!  We took him to see Santa at St Arnold’s Brewery (side note: This was a great experience! Live Christmas music, root beer floats, and hanging out with the big guy himself! I highly recommend it for next year.)


We followed this fun time with burgers and fries for lunch and some quality time at home.  That evening I started to get the feeling it was time for Phoebe to make her debut.  We took Fenn to hang out with Molly and headed to the hospital!  Phoebe arrived early the next morning!

Fenn was so excited to meet her! He did a great job with her and then went back to Brad’s parents with no problem.

On their way to Christmas Eve dinner, the next night, Fenn came back to visit us again. It was a lot harder on all of us to part that night, but luckily we got to head home early Christmas day! We were blessed to spend our first Christmas as a family of four, plus Duchess, at home!


Fast forward to today… Fenn is back at school, which will hopefully bring back some much needed routine in all of our lives, and give Brad and I a slight break from his roller coaster of emotions 😉. Although it has been a rough two days at drop off, he is loving being back with his friends and teachers.


Phoebe and I are getting some bonding time while Fenn is at school, and Brad is getting back into the swing of work.


We are all enjoying the new adventures as a family of four!

Stay tuned, I am sure there is a lot of excitement ahead…

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  1. Wrynn

    Great pictures! Love this post! Makes me so happy to hear about your family of 4 (Well, really 5!)


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