Farmers Market Dinner: Super Quick and Easy


This Saturday Fenn woke up waaaaay too early! So, we took advantage of it and headed to our favorite farmers market. We picked up okra, which Fenn decided to eat raw and right on the spot, along with a spaghetti squash and some mushrooms.  I then headed to Pinterest to search for ideas using my squash and mushrooms. This recipe seemed to be popular and looked delicious, so we gave it a try tonight. It was a hit! Fenner loved it, up until he got distracted and decided he was done with dinner. This is a new trend with him. He is a great eater, but if something else catches his eye he is done. We all added a little extra parmasean to our “pasta” and I added some crushed red pepper to mine. It was delicious and so simple to make.


As for all of the okra we bought… I made a quick pickle recipe with them which turned out to be great!

All I did was boil three cups of vinegar with 2 1/2 cups of water, a few tbsp of salt and sugar( less sugar than salt), a tbsp of black peppercorns, and a ton of crushed garlic.  Once this was boiling I added fresh dill, my okra, a jalapeño, and some green beans we had on hand.   I turned off the heat and let everything marinate until the mixture was cool.  I then transferred it all to a Tupperware container to refrigerate.  They were pretty good after an hour in the fridge, but even better the next day! I figure they will only last about two weeks in the fridge, since I didn’t can them. So, we will be eating them up quickly and using them in our Bloody Mary’s as we tailgate this weekend!




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