H-town Fun: Part 1

Fenner and I are having a lot of fun this summer checking out new places and visiting a few of our old favorites.  We have loved visiting these places with friends and family and are excited to share a few with you.


Ervan Chew Park


This little park is very close to our house, but we actually did not try it out until this summer.  It has a fun little splash pad with a button you can push to control the water.  The park also has a small playground with swings and a slide. The playground is actually pretty shaded too! It made for a fun afternoon with our friends Daphanie and Blake.


 Museum of Fine Arts: Shadow Monsters


This was an awesome little exhibit where Fenn and I got to stand in front of big white screens and watch our bodies turn into  shadow monsters. Every different way you move and turn changes the look of your monster. They even have fun props for you to use. Parking is usually pretty easy in the free lot on Binz street. They even have food trucks there during lunch hours. Even bigger perk, the museum is free on Thursdays!

Donovan Park


This is another great park not too far from our house. Fenn loves it for the train and “castles”. It is also has some nice shaded areas. This is the first place Fenn ever climbed up to the top of a slide and slid down on his own! It’s also the first place I ever saw him hang from monkey bars on his own! We love coming here.

Chase Tower: Sky Lobby and The Moonshiners


Brad took part of the day off last week to go on this adventure with Fenn and me. We started at the Chase Bank Tower, where we rode the express elevator straight to the 60th floor.  Fenn loved his ride up in the “rocket ship”, he calls everything a rocket ship these days.  An employee told us this is the tallest building in Texas! The view was pretty cool. We loved looking down over our city and trying to spot some of our favorite places.

Once we left the Chase building, we decided to make a day of it and grab lunch. Brad and I love the new bars and restaurants popping up in the Market Square area downtown, and we love even more that we discovered a Fenner friendly one. It is called The Moonshiners. This restaurant is run by the same people who do a few other favorites of ours, including Crisp and Beer Market.  The food is southern comfort, and it was amazing.  We had shrimp and grits, fried okra, and the pulled pork sandwich.  Fenn was a little past tired and we didn’t get to hang around as long as we wanted to, but we will definitely be back.


Dinner and Live Music on Kings Harbor


This one is pretty far outside the loop, since it is in Kingwood. We loved having dinner at Raffas with our family and ending the night with live music and fireworks. They have live music every third Friday.  We just brought our bag chairs and our cooler, then parked ourselves outside to enjoy the show.

These are just a few of our recent adventures.  We will be sharing more with you soon.  We can’t wait to make the most out of what is left of our summer!

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