We’re Back!

So, I know it has been a long time since my last post… but I have finally have more free time, since it is Summer break, and I finally remebered my password!  Yes, part of the reason I have not been posting this summer, is that I could not log in.

I will quickly catch you up to speed on of everything that has been going on in our lives in the last 7 moths or so.

  • Fenn and I finished out the school year!  Yay!!!
  • Fenn is talking a lot these days. He has some very funny favorite thigs to say (“mama, are you?” for asking where I am, “nenner” is what he calls him self, “hulk smash!”  is another favorite, “oh” when you tell him something he did not already know or realize, and he loves to sing Happy Birthday to anyone and anything- he recently sang it to a french fry ).  He also has some not so fun favorite words (including “huh?” and “nope”).
  • We have been on a quite a few vacations already this Summer.  Including two trips to the Hill Country and one big one to California!  Fenner loved Disneyland!
  • Fenner recently moved into a big boy bed, and it is going pretty well.  He has fallen out a few times, oops, and he still wakes up scared every once and a while, but it has mostly been a smooth transition.  My favorite part about it is that he wakes up and just walks in to our room. No more crying from the crib to come and get him.  He has also gotten better at going back to sleep if he wakes up too early.  We just pull him into our bed and on good days go back to sleep until around 8:30 (getting back into our school routine is going to be hard).
  • One of the biggest things in our lives right now, is that we are expecting baby number 2!  Fenn is going to be a big brother.  I am about 16 weeks pregnant, and we will find out if we are having a boy or girl very soon!

I cannot wait to start sharing more recipes with you guys soon.  I am sure I have had many great ones while on my break from posting, but we will just move forward to the present.  We are lucky that Fenn is still a terrific eater and lets us keep being adventurous with his food.  I am also hoping to share with you guys a few of our favorite things these days, toys and gadgets for Fenn, and even our favorite summer adventures here in Houston.  See you soon!






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