Fenn’s Favorite Grilled Cheese

This recipe came to me one day when we had pretty much no food left in our house.  I searched the fridge, and rounded up the few fresh ingredients we had.  This glorious grilled cheese is what came from it.  It is now a staple in our house!


Organic Cream Cheese (softened)

Fresh Baby Spinach

1 Avocado

Bread (we use a multigrain)

Coconut Oil

For 2 sandwiches (I had to make one for myself too!)

Place about 1/2 c of softened cream cheese in a small bowl

Chop baby spinach very fine (about 3-4 tbsp) and stir it into the cream cheese

Slice avacodo

Spread cream cheese mixture between the bread and layer on some avocado.

Spay a small skillet with coconut oil or, drop a small spoonful in the pan until it melts.

Cook sandwich until both sides are golden and inside is gooey.


image image image

Fenn and I love this sandwich with red pepper “soup”.  I just mix a cube of red pepper puree from the freezer with a dollop of Greek yogurt and voila, “soup”.

I have also added cucumber to this sandwich as well! I just grate a little cucumber right into the cream cheese mix!

The options for the sandwich are endless and I promise it is delicious!








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