Apricots Pears and Coconut Oil

I picked up the most amazing smelling apricots at HEB yesterday! To my surprise, they were a little more tart than I would like.  So, I decided to make them into a puree with pears for added sweetness.  I recently saw a recipe where coconut oil was added to fruit purees for a boost of healthy fat, so I incorporated it as well.  The result… delicious!


1 ripe pear pealed and chopped

2 organic apricots chopped (I left the skin on)

1 spoonful of coconut oil

I placed all of the ingredients in a small pot over low heat and let it cook down until the fruit was so tender I could just mash it with a fork.

I left this puree a bit on the chunky side, but you could also blend it for a smooth puree.

Once the puree is cooled, it is ready to eat, that simple!

This morning, Fenn and I had it with some steel cut oats.  Fenner scarfed down his in no time, and then ate the majority of mine as well!   I am thinking we will mix the left over puree with a little quinoa, chopped chicken and cumin to make an Indian inspired dish.  I hope you enjoy this super easy puree as much as we did!


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