3-6 Month Favorites

When Mr. Fenn was 3 months he was already sleeping through the night (yay!), starting to roll over, and becoming so much fun!  Sadly, this was also the time my maternity leave was up and I headed back to work.  Around 4 months we started feeding him solids, he was getting very close to sitting on his own, and teething began.  Around months five and six he was super energetic, started showing signs of becoming mobile, and took his first plane ride! (Remember that wonderful travel crib I referred to in my Road Trip post, this first plane trip to Cali is when we purchased it!) These few months were very busy and active. Here are some of our favorite products that helped with the many new phases of Fenn.


1. The NoseFrida! This thing may sound a little gross at first, but if your child gets sick and congested, it is a life safer! Forget the little suction bulbs, they have nothing on this.  We are blessed that Fenn has only been under the weather a couple of times, but when he got his first stuffy nose, we pulled this out.  Naturally, I made Brad try it first, but quickly found out it is not gross at all. Mucus does not make it anywhere near the filter, so we have been able to clean it easily and not even need new filters yet.  I think this is a must for every parent.

2. Boon Flair Pedestal Highchair We LOVE this highchair.  It is super easy to wipe down, the tray is simple to latch and remove, and it can roll anywhere in the house with ease.  Fenn starting using it around 4 months, and the straps held him in nicely.  I love the look of this chair, and I love everything about it!

3. Soft books with crinkly pages, such as the Jellycat books. These were, and still are, one of Fenner’s favorite toys! They are perfect for early ages because they are so soft. Fenn loves the crinkling noise they make as he turns the pages.  They keep him occupied for a good while and have cute stories as well.

4. Oball toys Fenner’s first Oball toy was given to us as a gift.  The orange ball quickly became a favorite toy because it was so easy for Mr. Fenn to hold on to.  While over at my friend Jenni’s house, I noticed they had the Oball football and cars, we ordered those right away. Along with that order, we purchased the stacking toy, which is actually Fenn’s favorite of them all.

5. This play mat by Tiny Love was another great find by my friend Jenni.  It is much bigger than a lot of the mats out there, which is something we really liked.  It has interactive toys and music that really keep the kids attention.  Fenner spent a lot of time learning to roll and scoot on this mat.  It also comes apart very easily and goes right into the washing machine, be careful not to place it in the dryer (Oops! Ours melted a tiny bit, but still worked perfectly).

6. Brica Canopy Car Seat Cover This was a gift from my friend Katie, She accidentally ordered two of them and we gladly accepted the extra!  We actually started using this when Fenn was really young.  It helps keep bugs, sun, wind, rain, and even strangers away from your little one!  It stayed on our car seat 24/7, we just left it unzipped and rolled back when he did not need to be covered.  We used it at tailgates, on walks through the neighborhood, and even the mall.

7. Sleep sacks, like these from Carters, came in handy when it started to get cold outside.  Fenner’s room has two huge windows, and when it was cold outside, it was very hard to keep his room warm.  He started waking up in the early morning, freezing.  Sleep sacks came to the rescue.  We would dress him in his footed pjs and then zip him up in these soft cuddly sacks each night.  We purchased the 0-9month size and he managed to wear them until he was about 7-8 months old.

8. Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Yet again, credit goes to my friend Jenni! Her son, Jack, is just a few months older than Fenner.  When we go to their house we love seeing what new toys and gadgets they have.  When Fenner tried this one out, he lit up he was having so much fun.  This toy was great to have during the times Fenner really wanted to be independent and he just wasn’t ready to sit or stand on his own.  He would jump and play while I cooked dinner or cleaned house.  It was a great way to keep him safely and happily occupied, so I could get a few things done.

These are just a few favorite items we used during these fun months with Fenn.  I hope some of these work for you and your little one.

Here are a few pictures of Mr. Fenn on his half birthday!

IMG_6662 DSC_0841 copy

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