My Favorite Baby Products for the First 3 Months

This post goes out to one of my best friends, Kyra.  Kyra is a mom to the most adorable 4 year old ever, Korbin, and… she is now expecting a little girl!

Kyra and I have been chatting a lot lately about some of my “must have” baby items.   After discussing some of the things Brad and and I loved having on hand with Mr. Fenn, I decided to write a post about them.  I am breaking up our favorite items by age.

So, here are the top things we loved for Fenner’s first three months.


1. Fisher Price Rock n’ Play: This was Fenner’s first “bed”.  He slept in this baby until he just simply our grew it!  It was great for taking on trips, taking to a friends house, even just napping in the kitchen while I cooked.  It easy to fold up and carry anywhere.  We were lucky enough to borrow one from my bother and sister-in-law, and fell in love with it immediately!

2. Boppy Newborn Lounger : Fenner lounged in this thing all around the house.  No matter what we were doing he could be lounging right next to us.  It is super comfortable and reminds me of a beanbag chair for adults.  Before he had the strength to roll over, it was the perfect nap time buddy and just an overall place to chill.  As we look back at pictures from when Fenn was little, it is hard to find one where he is not laying in his boppy! Cleaning it is also a breeze.  Most things wipe right off, but when it needs to be deep cleaned, you just throw it in the washing machine and dryer with a tennis ball to keep it fluffy!

3. mamaRoo: This is a bit of a luxury item, but since we were so fortunate to borrow a lot of great things from family, we purchased it.  It took Fenn a little while to warm up to it, since the motion made him feel like he was falling at first.  This swing was a staple downstairs, it is not the easiest to move around. It has a great safety harness to keep him strapped in and soothed him if he was fussy.   One of our friends has little boy who had some colic issues, and this swing helped him a lot too!

4. myBaby Soundspa: This was a wonderful gift from my friend Molly! It has rotating pictures that project on the wall and 6 sound choices, Fenn preferred the ocean.  It was a wonderful night light and sound machine combo.  We used it when he slept in our room for the first few months and then moved it with him when he began to sleep in his own room.  The only fault we saw, is that the projector stops turning after a while.  We loved it so much we purchased another one, but it inevitably stopped turning as well.  We were still able to use it as a night light and sound machine, and Fenn still loved it! We actually just packed the sound machine away a few days ago, since Fenn doesn’t seem to need it anymore.

5. WubbaNubs:  These little pacifiers are genius.  The cute little animals attached to them help them stay in Fenner’s mouth and made it easier for him to find and put in back in his own mouth once he was older.  To clean them we just throw it in the washing machine, let them air dry, and then clean the pacifier part with soap and hot water again.  We are considering cutting the pacifier off soon, and letting Fenn keep the animals in hopes to help the transition to no more paci!

6.  Fisher Price Whale Tub:  This was our staple bathtub until Fenn was about 7-8 Months.  It fits nicely inside his big bathtub and he had no problem laying in it peacefully. He still plays with the little fish shower cup that came with it.

7. BABYBJORN BabySitter Balance: This chair is one of our all time favorites!  It is so easy to take places and once Fenner was old enough he would even bounce himself in it. (Some times putting himself to sleep!)  I know, we have a lot of “chair type” things on this list, but we actually used and loved them all! The cover comes off easily and can be put in the washing machine.  We even used this chair for Fenn to sit in when we first started feeding him solids.

8. Boon Lawn and Accessories: This has come in handy through so many different feeding stages.  At first it was great for drying all of the breast pump parts, then for all of our Dr Brown’s bottles and their many parts, and now we use if for bottles and sippy cups.  The lawn size is best, because it holds a lot more than the grass.  We also have the flower and tree accessories and they are great for hanging all of the little pieces to dry.  Added bonus, this lawn is the cutest thing ever!

I hope this post helps some new, or not so new moms, when making all of those big purchasing decisions.

I will be back another day to share some of our more current baby favorites and, as I have promised a few people, I will soon be posting a list of some of my favorite baby puree combinations!

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