Egg Yolk


I just recently read about the brain developing benefits of egg yolks and how they make great first foods for babies! I was under the assumption that eggs were a high allergy risk and I had been avoiding them with Fenn.  After doing some research I have found that it is the egg white that possesses  a more likely risk for food allergies and that many moms feed their babies egg yolk very early on.  Since Fenn has shown no signs of food allergies, I decided to give the yolks a try!  The verdict…. He loves them!

Brad and I love boiled eggs and we usually make a few to have on hand each week. When we were ready to let Fenn have his first taste, we just popped an egg out of the fridge, scooped the yummy yellow yolk out, and mixed it with some avocado, basil, and lemon purée we already had on hand. It was delicious! Fenn and I both loved it!

Today for lunch I mixed the yolk from one boiled egg with a big scoop of  cottage cheese.  Fenn and I loved this egg yolk combo as well(It reminded me of my favorite egg salad we get at a restaurant down the street)!  I added a side of puréed kale, broccoli, and apples to make it a complete meal!


Here is a link I found helpful when learning more about introducing eggs to baby.

We will definitely be trying out new egg yolk combinations soon!






  1. Lucy


    What do you use to purée the food? Anything you recommend?

    • tara.currin

      Hi Lucy. I have a simple Hamilton Beach food processor that works great! I even use my regular KitchenAid blender too. I hope this helps!


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