Road Trip


This weekend Mr. Fenner went on his first “Fenner family” vacation!  We took a road trip to the JW Marriott in the hill country of San Antonio.  It has become a Fenner family (my mom’s side of the fam) tradition to spend one weekend together each summer.  We rolled into the Marriott with 33 wild and crazy family members, I am pretty sure they have no idea what hit them.  We quickly claimed our spot on the lazy river and it seemed like we never left.  This trip is one of my favorite things about summer!  I was very pregnant with Fenn on last year’s trip, and I was so excited he was with us this year!

Being gone for 4 days requires a lot of packing when you have a 10 month old (That’s right Fenner turned 10 months old on this trip!), but with the help of a few of our favorite baby products it was a successful trip!

First on the list are baby food pouches!  I wish I invented these gems.  They are baby gold, seriously, even my 20 month old nephew still can’t resist them!  We prefer Ella’s Kitchen, Plum, and Sprout. Of course Grandma spoiled Fenn and fed him alls sorts of goodies, including pizza and pancakes, but these pouches helped him get the real fruits and veggies he needed.  As you can see here they come in very handy, even for tired babes.


Another travel essential of ours is the Lotus Travel Crib.  We purchased this when we took our first trip to California with Fenner.  It is now a travel staple.  The crib is light weight, folds into a backpack style carrier, and is incredibly easy to set up and take down.  We will never travel with the typical pack and play again.


Another great travel companion is our GoPod. When we first purchased this we planned to use it for tailgating during football season. It now goes everywhere with us. It keeps Fenn corralled in one place and gives him the freedom to stand on his own.  He loves it!


We had such a great time making memories with family.  We can not wait for next year!


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