Red Pepper Purée


One of Fenner’s (and my) favorite new purees is this simple red pepper puree. Red bell peppers are loaded with vitamin A and C! Plus the meal combinations are endless!

A few of our favorite combinations include:

  • quinoa with chopped spinach, red pepper puree, and grated cheese
  • red pepper puree and greek yogurt (to make a soup)
  • red pepper puree with pureed chickpeas, olive oil, and a tiny bit of basil or oregano (to make a baby friendly hummus)
  • red pepper puree and cottage cheese
  • red pepper puree with pureed apples and spinach
  • it can also be served as a sauce of chicken, fish, or veggies

red pepper 3 red pepper 4

The combinations are endless, just use your imagination.


3 large organic red bell peppers

1 small organic white potato (or 2 cubes of frozen potato purée)

Wash the bell peppers, pull out the core and seeds, then chop into pieces.

Wash the potato and cut into small chunks ( the skin can be left on or peeled, your choice).  If you are are using frozen puree take it out to defrost.

Place the bell peppers and raw potatoes in a steam basket over boiling water and cook until soft , approximately 7-10 minutes. (if you are using pre made potato puree wait and add it once you are ready to blend)

Let the veggies cool and then puree them together in a food processor or blender. You may need to add water from your steam pot to help thin the puree.

The puree will save in the fridge for 2-3 days, or you can choose to freeze it for a couple of months.

redpepper2  red pepper 2


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