Hello world!

Hi, I’m Tara, wife, teacher, and mom to one furry baby and one squishy cheeked man we call Fenner Bradford Currin. Cooking, baking, and creating are my passions. My husband and I love to cook together. As soon as Mr. Fenner was born I started dreaming up menus and counting down the days until I could introduce him to my love of food. I read many beginner baby food blogs, gathered inspiration from anywhere I could find it, and his meals have just taken off from there. Many of our friends and family have expressed interest in my recipes and menu ideas, so this my attempt to share the fun with others. Through this blog I plan to share a glimpse into Fenner’s food journey along with many other Currin family adventures.

 Meet the Currin Crew



I am an elementary school IT. I am going on my 9th year of teaching. I find my true happiness in creativity. My friends and family are my world!

Brad, Dad Extroidinare


Brad was able to stay at home with Fenner when I first returned to work. On top of running his own business, he is the most hands-on, loving father I could ever imagine.



Duch is a 4 year old Weimaraner. She is 75 pounds of pure princess. She loves her little Fenner more than anything and is the most gentle and protective big sister.

Fenner Bradford Currin, Squish, Squishy, Mr. Fenn, and many more nicknames…


Fenner is now 9 ½ months old. He prefers “scooting” over crawling, lives life loudly, and brings joy to anyone he is around.



  1. Kyra Jordan

    My children will thank you for the great food! Can’t wait:) Love you lady!

  2. Jenni Pheiffer

    Jack can’t wait for your delicious recipes!

  3. Kimberly Cima

    This is so fun! I’m so glad you’ll be sharing :-) Fenn is just adorable! xo


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