Adventures in PJs

This morning was a pick your battle kind of morning… Fenn wanted to eat Starburst for breakfast (not happening). So I used the bait and switch tactic and we settled […]

P is 6 months!

June 23rd was Miss Phebes’ half birthday! We had a low key celebration with friends, including half of a birthday cake served on half plates! Half birthdays have become a […]


Today Fenn and I took a trip to the Urban Harvest Farmers Market downtown. Fenn picked out eggplant, squash, zucchini, and okra.  We also snagged some amazing donuts (a maple […]

We Love Pasta... and Sleep!

It’s almost summer break and we are really feeling it here in the Currin household.  The toll of our daily commute is starting to bring us down, and the energy […]

Sweet Potatoes

It is hard to believe, but P is four months old! She is such a happy baby, and a champion sleeper. We are very lucky! Even with her spit up issues […]

Simplifying Life with 2...

Not that I am now somehow miraculously an expert on living life with two beautiful babes, but… I have discovered two amazing things that are sure to make it a lot easier! […]

Phoebe Kyle Currin is here!

    These beautiful photos are courtesy of my talented sister in law, Chelsea Kay Marek! She he has arrived! Phoebe Kyle joined us December 23rd!  She was born 6lbs […]